Anorak News | TMZ’s Beyond Twisted Executive Producer Axed

TMZ’s Beyond Twisted Executive Producer Axed

by | 6th, July 2009

tmz-beyond-twistedANORAK’S Man in LA looks at how TMZ’s new show Beyond Twisted has lost its exective producer Lisa Hudson before its even aired:

In Hollywood, losing the person in charge of a show before the show even
premieres is not a good indicator of success in the ratings race.

And that’s what’s happened over at TMZ, as the staffers get set to spin-off
a clips-based TV show called “Beyond Twisted.”

The Rat Pack is hearing that Executive Producer Lisa Hudson has been
hacked from the show’s personnel roster… ON THE VERY DAY WHEN THE

There are two versions of the story…

One, that Hudson, a veteran of the entertainment news magazine, was
sacked from the show.

The other version has it that she stormed out of the building in frustration
over the incompetent expectations of the Telepictures suits.

Whatever the case, don’t expect much in the way of creativity when the
show premieres tonight in the time-slot immediately after TMZ.

It’s basically a copy of ringmaster Harvey Levin’s TMZ format… kicking off
the half-hour with a staff meeting in which writers play “Top This” with
their pitches for story ideas.

As Rumor Rat was first to report, show creator Levin wanted to title the
show “WTF?”

Affiliates weren’t buying into his claim that the acronym stood for “Where’s
The Fun
,” so Levin made the “Twisted” name-change.


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