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Michael Jackson Is A Damned ‘Sicko Freak’

by | 8th, July 2009

A girl carries a sign referring to the death of Michael Jackson during the 2009 Glastonbury Festival in Pilton, Somerset.MICHAEL Jackson Watch: As macrabre and damning show, a living saint and all other views…


You got two for the price of one if you attended Michael Jackson’s spectacular dog-and-pony show yesterday — a memorial as dignified as a Vegas lounge-lizard act combined with the entertainment value of a carnival freak show.

How soon one forgets, given the opportunity to participate in this mass hysteria. From the accolades, prayers and cries of grief, you’d think you were witnessing the death of a saint, not an accused serial pedophile who hated the skin in which he lived.

Gordon Smart (The Sun): “Read Bizarre editor’s damning verdict”

Tasteful stuff.

This wasn’t a memorial for a pop icon or the greatest entertainer the world has ever seen.

It was a reminder of why MICHAEL JACKSON became a deeply unhappy, lonely man living an utterly bizarre existence.

It was a macabre circus.

Paris didn’t look comfortable and more importantly, capable, of doing it… I just couldn’t believe my eyes… Having said that, her few words were deeply touching, bringing a tear to the eye.

So a deeply touching macabre circus featuring a grieving young girl who wasn’t capable but, er, was.

Andrew Gumbel (The Guardian): “Michael Jackson memorial: Showbiz, schmaltz and not a trace of Wacko”

They came not to lay Michael Jackson to rest so much as to ease him gently into a warm bath of adulation, hyperbole and showbiz razzle-dazzle tinged with more than a hint of religious symbolism.

The Jackson celebrated today at the downtown Los Angeles Staples Centre in a two-hour extravaganza of song, sermonising and tears was very far from the headline-grabbing, lawsuit-happy eccentric with the multiple plastic surgeries, the sporadic addiction to painkillers and the endless gossip about prepubescent boys.

Let’s not mention them, Andrew…

Rather, it was Jackson the great entertainer, the musical genius, the gift to the world who has all too suddenly been taken away…

Chris Ayres (The Times):

For the United States it wasn’t so much a “Diana moment” as a made-for-TV special. Afraid that millions of fans would cause havoc, and barely able to afford the overtime for its police officers and emergency services, the city’s leaders made it virtually impossible for the general public to take part in the service.

Much of the adulation, though, had an unfortunate corniness bordering on the trite, not helped by lines spoken or sung by Jackson during his lifetime projected on to a screen behind the stage: “There is nothing that can’t be done if we raise our voice as one“, one read.

As an expression of public grief, it could not have been further removed from the 1997 funeral and cortège of Diana, Princess of Wales, which drew crowds of up to three million people.

When it became clear that only 50,000 people turned up outside the service — a fraction of the million expected — some wondered if the city had gone too far in telling people to stay at home, and that the showing was too small for the biggest day of public mourning in US history since the death of Elvis Presley.

Richard Lawson (Gawker):

Well, that was both horrifying and depressing. The Michael Jackson Public Memorial has lurched to a close and, to paraphrase a commenter, we feel like we’ve been underwater for hours.

Sharon Waxman (Huff Po): “Jackson’s Final Act: Sainthood”

In death, Michael Jackson is suddenly some kind of a saint. A humanitarian. A philanthropist. A civil rights leader.

“Like our father Martin,” said Martin Luther King III before a live television audience of millions around the world at the memorial. “He was indeed a shining light.”

What a difference two weeks and sudden death can make.

While still alive, Michael Jackson was widely considered a weirdo. A presumed child molester. A pills-and-plastic surgery addict. For more than a decade, he’d been relentlessly mocked by the tabloids. He was Wacko Jacko.

The hype lives…

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