Anorak News | Police Caught Stealing Bicycles In Lancashire

Police Caught Stealing Bicycles In Lancashire

by | 13th, July 2009

stolen-bikePOLICE in Lancashire are stealing bicycles to alert bicycle owners to the dangers of theft.

As the BBC reports:

Police are confiscating bicycles which are left unattended in Lancashire to try to reduce theft.

Officers in St Annes will be putting a lock on bicycles which are not secured, or taking them to the police station to be reclaimed by their owners.

Anyone reclaiming their own property will not be able to sue the police of for wasting their time and theft with intent to patronise. They will just be grateful.

Other initiatives to watch for:

Police groping women to alert them to the dangers of sex attacks

Police using stolen credit card information to buy goods and services

Police with painted faces and skull caps running riot top alert people to the perils of immigration, street crime and race relations

Say the police: “Let that be lesson to you. Never trust a copper.”

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