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Peter Andre Talks About Not Talking About Katie Price’s Miscarriage

by | 14th, July 2009

7558834PETER Andre writes in his column for New! Magazine that he will not do as his estranged wife Katie Price has done and comment on the loss of their foetus.

Says Peter Andre, who is above such things:

“By revealing all about the baby we lost, Kate went against everything we said we’d never do.”

Well, says Pete. Now, let’s just move on and say no more about such a traumatic time:

“The miscarriage was a devastating time for us both, but I strongly believe it should have remained private.”

Yep, it is not only blabbermouth Katie Price who feels the loss. It’s you too string and noble Peter Andre, the stoic orange. Now, let’s move on:

“Unfortunately, what Kate says is out of my control. I can’t control what other people do. I can only control what comes out of my mouth.”

And is written down and used in evidence to support the tabloid motion that you are a terrific person and above using private moments or the kids to fuel a public fight.

Says Peter Andre:

“I don’t care what she says.”

Andre is above airing his dirty linen in public. Andre also vowed to remain celibate for a few months.

“I’m determined to see it out. I think it’s the most honourable thing to do while going through a break-up.'”

Or his clean linen, for that matter…

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