Anorak News | Germany Removes Baron-Cohen’s Bruno From School Books

Germany Removes Baron-Cohen’s Bruno From School Books

by | 16th, July 2009

TO Germany, where educationists in Hamburg have ordered a character in children’s book called Bruno to be renamed Aydan.

The officials in Hamburg were less then pleased that Bruno shared his name with Sacha Baron Cohen’s Austrian character Bruno. Well, so goes the press release.

The book, The Adventures of Aydan, is “an attempt to bring dull topics such as politics and democracy closer to kids“.

Says a local council spokesman:

“We want this book to appeal to as many people as possible and be as accessible as possible as the themes and subjects addressed in it are important to everyone.”

But this is surely a PR stunt, to piggy back on the film to push a vested interest, and to portray the wonks in a caring light.

Fact: Aydan (which means ‘fire’) was what Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels used to call the Reichstag. Like Bruno, he wantred to be funny…

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