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The Save The World Awards In Pictures And Jacksons

by | 27th, July 2009
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7630717FOR the first Save The World Awards, we journey by plane, foot and piggyback to the Zwentendorf Nuclear Power Plant in Lower Austria, a place built but never used.

The Austrians, we learn, said “no” to atomic energy. The power plant never saw active service. But don’t worry about the waste because the plant will soon become a solar power plant. Which means everyone can feel so much better about the carbon footprint of building a power plant that was never used to generate any power. And the great and the good can attend its unveiling, arriving on foot, camel and swimming pool etc…

Let’s hear it for unreliable and intermittent power supplies!

The plant’s owner may well get a Save The World Award. But know that these awards “can’t stop the global carbon-dioxide emissions… can’t end hunger and poverty. However, what we can do is inspire millions of people around the globe and motivate them to do their share in order to make our world a better and more sustainable place.”

And we do it with the power of celebrity, TV and Michael Jackson’s brother Jermaine singing a song.

It rained at the “pioneering” televised awards, which may help offset the carbon emissions as the great and good arrive on foot to celebrate their goodness.

The pictures:

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