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The Susan Boyle Statue

by | 28th, July 2009

susan-boyle-statueSUSAN Boyle Watch: July through to August are the Dog Days for British media. When a child goes missing, the excitement is palpable.

Desperate times.

Everyone who is anyone has buggered off on holiday leaving the also rans to struggle for the yarn to tickle the stay-at-home readers’ palate.

News is hard to come by.

Soldiers are still being, (tragically, needlessly, sacrificially) “slain”. “slaughtered”, “let down” and plain “murdered”. Mothers will still weep but news is hard to come by.

Hence this one: Sue to get her own statue:

“Susan Boyle might be honoured with a statue in her home town of Blackburn. The West Lothian Council is considering building a statue in honour of Susan Boyle, which could become an attraction for tourists flocking her hometown.

Provost (Mayor) Tom Kerr is looking forward to meeting the 48-year-old singer to find a way to recognise her achievements, said a spokesman. The idea of a statue emerged after a New York couple visited the town and wrote a web diary of life in Boyle”s backyard. The diary entry detailed a ‘heritage trail’ of a Chinese takeaway, a chip shop, the hotelwhere she performed karaoke, and her council home.”

Will her pussy by at her feet or in her arms?

– AGW from the forums…

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