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Chinese Rabbit Addicted To Far Eastenders

by | 29th, July 2009

rabbitRABBITS. Grrrr. A pet rabbit in China loves South Korean soap operas so much she attacks her owners if they change the channel.

The couple admit they treat the pet rabbit as their daughter. Every night the rabbit climbs between the couple to watch their favourite South Korean TV dramas. If one of them accidentally switches to another show, they say the rabbit becomes very angry, bites their pillow and attacks them.”

The rabbit climbs into bed and bites the pillow… Anorak has not seen South Korean soaps but they sound racy.

Old Mr Anorak has an in-depth knowledge of the East and tells us that South Korean actors are to a man graduates of the Phil Mitchell School of Received Thespian Intensive Tutoring (SORT IT), where the graduation class involves the actors pretending to be aroused carrots staring into the back of a spoon as Well Ard is served between two slices of toast…


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