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Genocidal Queen: Make Anjem Choudary MBE

by | 1st, August 2009

queenWITH no shark sighted off the coast of Bridlington and no celebrity death for over a week, the tabloids are grateful to Islamic extremists – “Anjem Choudary’s cohorts” – for saying that the Queen should be prosecuted for Genocide.

No, dear reader, the Islamists are not know in cahoots with the Foxes Martyrs Brigade and the Pheasant Liberation Organisation, but acting out of the belief that her Majesty is “wiping out the civilian population in Afghanistan”.

Dangerous woman, The Queen. The Sun’s man with laptop trawls the internet and finds an “internet rant” that trills in a broken audio that almost no-one outside GCHQ and Wapping is listening to:

“She is the one who applauds her sons and daughters to go out and massacre hundreds and thousands of innocent people.”

Dare the Taliban take on Princess Ann, our Tally-Anne? Would anyone be brave enough to kidnap Charles and then pass weeks isolated in his company? Have Princes Edward and Andrew already been kidnapped and held for the past umpteen years, to Prince Philip’s amusement?

The rant rants on:

“Shouldn’t she be tried for genocide and the extermination of a nation?” The fanatics insist: “Yes.”

This is the cue for a jobbing MP to step forward and defend The Queen:

Labour MP Andrew Dismore said of the shameful attack that appeared on a website linked to Choudary: “Never mind calling for the prosecution of the Queen. The Queen should prosecute HIM. It’s about time he was busted”…

Fellow MP Patrick Mercer – chairman of the Commons counter- terrorism sub-committee – branded it an “insult to our monarch. We must recognise Mr Choudary’s words for what they are – weapons being wielded by al-Qaeda and the Taliban. This is the next phase of an enemy operation in our country.”

Of course, both politicians are wrong. What Her Majesty should do is offer Choudary an MBE for services to free speech, journalism and the War on Terror.

Given his egotism, he may find it hard to decline.

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