Anorak News | Sole Black Man On Madrid ID Parade Convicted

Sole Black Man On Madrid ID Parade Convicted

by | 6th, August 2009

black-id-paradeTO Madrid, where Henry Osagiede Nigerian is being convicted of assault, having been fingered by the alleged victim in an ID parade.

The alleged assailant was black. And, as luck would have it, Osagiede was the only black man in the police line up.

Henry Osagiede is looking at 10 years choky prison. He has been found guilty of attacking a woman and sexually assaulting another in 2005. The ID parade was a key part of his conviction.

Says Spain’s high court:

“A badly assembled identity parade, with a lack of resemblance (between the suspects in the parade) can lead to mistaken identity and consequently an error of justice.”

Anorak is minded of this carton by the astute Kliban…


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