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Gordon Brown Hit In The Face With An Egg

by | 6th, August 2009
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7675705GORDON Brown places his monocle to his eye – no, the other one- and sees recovery ahead. He also sees an egg.

Britain appears to be on the verge of economic recovery amid signs that the worst downturn in decades may be coming to an end…. The positive news on the economy will be welcomed by Gordon Brown…

Very soon Britons will not have to turn to loan sharks for money to buy food and eggs and bread but can turn again to the banks and get credit cards to buy milk, eggs and bread at slightly less threatening rates of interest.

(A loan shark, Robert Reynolds, charged a woman a total of £88,000 over seven years to meet a debt of just £500 taken out to buy a computer.)

Bankers are good. Loan sharks are bad. Remember this handy guide, mums and dads: You are a banker. He is a money lender. They are loan sharks.

If you see a loan shark call:

The Government has set up a national hotline – 0300 555 2222 – to encourage victims of loan sharks to report the crime. The helpline will also provide advice on how better to manage your money and reliable sources of credit.

Note: Loans sharks are not bankers. you cannot bail out a loan shark. And if you can’t afford to use a phone borrow 40p (BT phone box minium charge) from a reputable lender.

Image: Debra Keatley, from Leyton, pelts “Gordon Brown” who is put in the stocks and members of the public invited to pelt him with fruit and veg as he loses the vote in in the London Dungeons “Hang, Stocks or Torture” poll.

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