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Big Brother: Victoria Beckham Lookalike Chanelle Hayes Overdoses

by | 7th, August 2009

chanelle-beckhamBIG Brother 10: Rodrigo is British, Chanelle Hayes overdoses, Marcus adopts Miley Cyrus asnd Madeleine McCann…

The Sun: “Rodrigo gets his royal wish”

THE Sun continues to feature Big Brother 10 as its lead online story. And news is that Rodrigo has fulfilled his “lifelong dream” and written a letter to Her Majesty Queen.

Big Brother handed Rodrigo a chalk board and chalk and gave him half an hour to write his letter.

How long can it take for the Brazilian write “DIE!” – though, granted, folding the blackboard into the envelope is tricky.

Of course, Rodrigo made NO threat to Her Majesty. Really. Ooer, too late. Call off the police. Rodrigo, run. Run. Mind the gap!

Says Rodrigo:

“In my heart I feel British now. Your most loyal and humble servant, Rodrigo Lopes.”

The citizenship test may require more, Rodders. And as for being the most humble servant – well, Sophie Reade may have disagree…

Metro: Chanelle Hayes in Overdose Shocker!

Big Brother star Chanelle Hayes has spent the night in hospital after overdosing on painkillers and red wine following a row with her footballer boyfriend.

The 21-year-old was said to have been having serious problems with Middlesborough’s Matt Bates, 22, who she’s been going out with since the beginning of this year.

Master Bates and knicker flasher Chanelle Hayes… They seem well matched. What could have gone wrong?

The Victoria Beckham look-a-like started an on and off relationship with fellow housemate Ziggy Lichman.

Victoria Beckham lookalike?! Chanelle, were you in Barcelona two years ago??

Daily Mirror: “Big Brother 10: Bea says she wants to move in with Marcus”

The self-styled bohemian stunned her housemate by asking if she can rent his spare room when they leave the Big Brother house – but the Billy Ray Cyrus-alike didn’t seem so keen.

Billy Ray Cyrus, aka Mr Miley Cyrus, reserves the right to sue…

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