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Tracey Connelly Is The Real Victim Of Baby Peter Connelly

by | 11th, August 2009

killersBaby P – Peter Connelly –  Watch: Forgiving the victim Tracey Connelly, Steven Barker’s abuse,  the Sun’s failed war on social workers and a media debate…

At the apogee of the media storm, the Sun launched a campaign to sack the social workers. Now read on…

Sky News: “Revealed: Evil Pair Behind Death Of Baby P”

Sky is the sister organ to the Sun:

She was involved with social workers throughout her childhood and knew how to manipulate them.

Might it be that the social workers are not to blame?

Daily Telegraph (front page): “Baby P’s killers unmasked”

Connelly knew exactly how to exploit the system to ensure she had internet access and the latest television.

The Sun is not listening, just saluting it own (failed) campaign to sack them all:

The Sun (front page): “The Killers of Baby P”

THE Sun’s petition demanding all social workers in Baby P’s case be sacked was the biggest campaign in newspaper history. Readers were furious when no one carried the can for the 17-month-old’s death.

Yes, they did. Their names are Tracey Connelly, Steven Barker and Jason Barker. They did it. But it’s easier to go for the social workers. They, after all, can be sacked and shamed in the media and as carers made to, well, care.

How newspapers love  a campaign, it being what marks them out from all the other papers. So what the campaign failed – so long as we did it.

Back to Tracey Connelly, and the Mirror wasnts us to know:

Daily Mirror: “A lesson in caring”

While it is almost impossible to forgive Connelly, we should remember she too was a victim of a dismal childhood, brought up by a mother with drink and drug problems.

Tracey Connelly the victim? Cue then for this from the Times:

Times: “Connelly had nothing in her past that would hint at the horrors to come.”

Got that? Nothing.

The Guardian (front page): “Judge lifts ban on identification of Baby P’s mother”

In the life and times of Tracey Connelly there are few redeeming facts.

So says Sandra Laville. She knows. Connelly is not then the Express’s “The evil mother of poor Baby P”. Tracey Connelly is now a victim:

An absent father who was a sex offender, a neglectful mother, and another relative who was lured into a paedophile ring in one of the biggest children’s home scandals of the late 20th century. It is easy to vilify Connelly.

Yes. It is. See the Sun and Express’s front pages that both call her “evil“.

Described as selfish, calculating and manipulative by the trial judge, she once told on an internet networking site how instead of nurturing her baby son, she spent her days drinking vodka, watching pornographic films and having sex with her new boyfriend Steven Barker, a man who had an IQ of 60 and was himself the product of an abusive background

Well, so he claimed.

Connelly has said that her experience with social services as a girl made her “terrified of social workers”. But the police believe her experiences within the care system also made her knowledgeable about ways to dupe the authorities.

So, back to the social workers. How’s that campaign to sack them going? Let’s have heated debate…

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