Anorak News | Jennifer Lopez’s Heart Breaks For Her Missing Children

Jennifer Lopez’s Heart Breaks For Her Missing Children

by | 12th, August 2009

jennifer-lopez1THIS week in Hello! – Jennifer Lopez’s heart breaks, Donna Karen’s home therapy suite, Alexandra Richards models and Kirsty Gallagher vomits…

Jennifer Lopez At 40

How does it feel?
Jennifer Lopez: “I have to say I feel awesome”

And the twins?

JL: “They’re amazing!… I put Max to bed and said, ‘I love you baby, I’ll see you in the morning.’ I swear he said, very quickly, ‘I love you.’ So I rushed into the nanny and said, ‘Oh, my gosh, did you hear that? He said I love you!’ She agreed, she had heard it too.”

Yeah, he probably tells it to the nanny every time she changes his nappy, plays with him, feeds him, washes him…

JL: “It breaks my heart if I’m away from them even for a short time.”

So don’t go.

JL: “Staying at home with the kids, watching everything they do is awesome. I loved every minute of it.”

As Jen says, having twins is “double the work”. Right nannies?

At Home With Donna Karan

According to Donna Karan: ‘The Hamptons truly is my family…” But Donna has not take after her kin’s clapperboard exterior and dry beaches, opting for an altogether deeper beige and moisturiser.

We join Donna as she sits in a white smock with a painted wax effigy of her self leaning on her arm.

Hello! says the effigy is Donna’s daughter Gabby, telling us that the pair are “looking like sisters”, and not from different marriages or an affair but like identical twins. Donna is on the right. In another picture they have swapped places. Or not?

The effect is akin to mind control. The Hamptons are not a place but Donna’s family. The daughter is another me. The “garden’s vivid greens, which change to red a, yellows and browns throughout the season” are not as nature intends but as Donna designs.

There is a spa and yoga room, to still a “restless mind”. There are Buddha statues and scented candles and Donna’s Kabbalah faith. Hello! calls it a “sanctuary”. But it feels like therapy by numbers.

Low, bed-like, silk–covered sofas invite guests to lounge and inhibit any attempt at formality,” says Hello! But they don’t. They décor makes the visitor feel arranged, their mood dictated to. There is no clutter. There is order throughout.

Donna Karen lives alone.

Kirsty Gallagher Introduces Baby Number II

OK!: “When is the baby due?”
KG: “On 27 January, exactly a week after my 34th birthday. It would be funny if he or she were born a week early. Paul [lover] would have no problems remembering that date – not that he’s ever forgotten it anyway?”


Only just into the second trimester, KG wastes no time in telling us about her “nausea” , “my mourning sickness” and how Digestive biscuits – “Which I carry everywhere – help to alleviate it, but I take a sick bag wherever I go just in case.”

Oh, and: “I’m made about crispy bacon. But I can’t stand red onion, tea or coffee.”

While we seek a medial opinion on that, Hello! wonders what Oscar – Talking Point Number 1 – feels about a sibling?

KG: “When I ask him ‘What’s in Mummy’s tumm?’ he’ll reply…

…Digestives biscuits, crispy bacon and puke… and a baby…

Alexandra Richards Is A Rolling Stone Model Daughter

“As the daughter of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards and former Calvin Klein model Patti Hansen, it was a dead cert that Alexandra Richards was going to inherit good looks and creativity.”

Or iffy looks and a vacant pout? But being a Rolling Stones’ daughter, Alexandra is, of course, stunning and terrific model etc…

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