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Nuns Chase Down Armed Burglar

by | 13th, August 2009

nuns-armedTO INDEPENDENCE, MO. where two nuns from the Sisters of Saint Francis are chasing an armed burglar. Sister Connie and Sister Catrina are Fannie’s Angels:

“We looked out a window and saw someone in the bean field. I thought it was someone hunting. He was dragging something with him.”

A huge wooden cross?

He kept coming across the field…I saw he had a gun in his hands, what I thought was a rifle, and he dropped it in the field. Sister Catrina started chasing him on foot.”

Sister Catrina sees the man. Is that a gun in his hand? Sister Catrina always gets her man, when given a following wind and the chance.

Says she:

“I chased him behind the green house…I caught him again.”

nun-faceWhat went on behind the greenhouse is a matter for Catrina and her god. But we can say that it was good. Says Sister Connie:

“He could have harmed us and he didn’t. Instead he chose to run, that tells me something about this young man.”

It tells you that he’s scared of nuns. Catrina and Connie are open to offers for a new TV show as soon as they return from Iraq…

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