Anorak News | Kate Garraway’s Superman Baby And Derek Draper’s Four Leaf Clover

Kate Garraway’s Superman Baby And Derek Draper’s Four Leaf Clover

by | 26th, August 2009

7575650GMTV’s “lovely” Kate Garraway and husband Derek Draper would like to present her “BABY BOY BILLY” to OK! readers. But take care with the little love, because as Kate says:


Had it slipped own the back of the GMTV sofa? Had Derek Draper, Kate’s charming husband, blogged about it?

“At one point the baby was very active and wriggling around and slipped to the back of my back which meant the midwife suddenly couldn’t hear his heartbeat.”

So she moved the stethoscope to your back and found it..?

“It was only for three minutes but to me it felt like an hour and I just thought, oh God.”

But Billy Draper is special. Having survived that trauma, he now hears dad Derek Draper explains just how special Billy is:

“When he came out, the midwives were like: ‘Ooh, there’s a knot in the umbilical cord! Apparently it’s just finding a four leaf clover.”

Albeit a four leaf clover covered in blood with a baby on one end, an ex-Labour blogger in the middle and a GMTV presenter with legs akimbo at its root. Best not to pick it. Leave it to the Red Rag experts, like Derek:

“Anyway I cut the cord with scissors and kept them as a reminder.”

Kate then tells us that she “was a lot more sick with the pregnancy this time” and “I was really groggy and queasy.” And not just from reading about her husband in the papers.

OK! “How long was the labour from start to finish?”
DD: “About 12 years, and we hung on for grim death…”

No, not really. Just a little bit of politics for you, folks. The labour was about “ten hours”.

DD: “Kate gave birth on a birthing stool which I think is a great idea because at last gravity is working for you.”

Note to self: contact health minister about legislation to place women’s vagina’s beneath person to aide birth.

Derek: “Just after he was born I put Forever Young by Bob Dylan on.”

Kate: “He came out with his hands up above his head and the nurse said: ‘That’s unusual, he looks a little like Superman.”

Either that or he surrenders.

But what about Super Billy’s sister Darcey?

KG: “…it was a shame that Darcey couldn’t come to visit because of the swine flu risk.”

We interrupt this broadcast to bring you an update to bring you a Celebrity Swine Flu and Me. Billy Draper’s labour will resume very soon…

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