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30 Years Since The IRA Murdered Mountbatten And Paul Maxwell, In Pictures

by | 27th, August 2009
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11183162THIRTY years ago today, Queen’s cousin, Lord Louis Mountbatten, was murdered by the IRA.

Also killed were one of the earl’s twin grandsons, Nicholas, 14.

Later in the day, the IRA murdered 18 British soldiers by bombs.

In a statement at the time the IRA said the killing of Lord Mountbatten was “one of the discriminate ways we can bring to the attention of the English people the continuing occupation of our country.”

A sick joke:

Also killed on Mountbatten’s boat was Paul Maxwell, 15, a local employed as a boat boy.

Says Paul MaxWell’s father John, of his sion’s killer, one Thomas McMahon:

“I would like some kind of explanation from him in relation to his actions.” Furthermore, he revealed that his son’s killer has snubbed two requests for a meeting.

“I’ve made two approaches to McMahon, the first through a priest, who warned me in advance that he thought there wouldn’t be any positive response. And there wasn’t. I have some reservations about meeting him, obviously – it might work out in such a way that I would regret having made the contact. On the other hand, if we met and I could even begin to understand his motivation. If we could meet on some kind of a human level, a man to man level, it could help me come to terms with it. But that might be very optimistic. McMahon knows the door is open at this end.

“There is one question above all others that he would like to ask McMahon: ‘I think I would put a question to him directly, along the lines of…’If I had killed his son, for whatever reason, how would he feel about it? Would he be capable of putting himself in my shoes, to look at it from my angle?’ I’d be interested to know how he would reply to that.’”

In Pictures:

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