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Renee Zellweger And Bradley Cooper Name The Day

by | 2nd, September 2009

7727516DID you know that Renee Zellweger is “currently romancing the hottest actor of the moment…”? So says OK! magazine.

No, it’s not Brad Pitt. No, not George Clooney. No, not Gerard Butler. No, not Steve McFadden. It’s…

“…Bradley Cooper.”

Yes, that Bradley Cooper, from the A Team film, which is due out in 2010.
And that is not all. Renee is turning 40 soon. But OK! shouts that “IT DOESN’T MAKE HER FEEL SAD.”

So what does make Renee Zellwegger feel sad? OK! sits down with the middle-aged actress for a chat.

“I’m so sad that everyone keeps pointing to this birthday.”

Before telling us:

“I feel nothing different. Nothing. There’s nothing different…”

We hear you, Renee. Moving on…

“There’s so much good going on, so many good things to be excited about and savour to sit around and worry about problems that I don’t have…”

Moving on… Let’s talk about your new film in which you play a married character who dances with another man…

“I mean, ageing in the 50s was a very different kind of thing. You’re 30 and you don’t have five kids and you’re over the hill. You’re an old maid at 31 if you’re not married. I mean, people started a lot younger…”

Moving on…

“You found a fella at high school and then you married him the minute you had your class ring on your finger. That was it.”

Moving on…

“But yes, 40 wasn’t what it is today in the 1950s. That’s for sure.”

In the 1050s 40 was huge, it was like 100, or 140. now 40 is like 16. Not that it bothers Renee in the SLIGHTEST!

Renee Zellweger is 40, single and has no children.

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