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New Pictures From Twilight New Moon Crash Internet

by | 8th, September 2009

twilight-new-moonKRISTEN Stewart and Robert Pattinson are advertising the new Twilight film, New Moon, by gazing into each other’s eyes.

The media and the fans get to work deciphering an image. And Stewart talks to The Times about her official action figure:

“I think she has a much bigger rack than I have.”

In other Twilight news, the movie is the star of Utah’s “largest corn maze”. There are many corn mazes in Utah but this is the big one.

The 24-acre corn maze features at Black Island Farms, featuring a “Team Jacob” and a “Team Edward.” (In the movie, Bella can choose Edward or Jacob as her boyfriend.)

You can enter the maze for $10. And you can be let out of it for $45 and the promise that you will stop talking endlessly about Robert Pattinson’s dreamy hair…

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