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Richard Littlejohn’s Problem With Barack The Dog

by | 8th, September 2009

kate-pongRICHARD Littlejohn’s column has, as his wont, gone to hell in a handbasket, as the Mail’s great sage tells his readers of Shropshire’s Kate Pong, who gave birth to quintuplets Beyone, Barack, Bobbi, Tyra and Earl.

My first reaction was that this must be a wind-up, probably placed for a bet by someone at the swine flu hotline with nothing better to do.

We rang The Times advertising department and they assured us it was genuine. There’s no mention of a Mr Pong, or any father’s name for that matter.

If true, which I still doubt, somewhere out there in Shropshire is a single mother called Kate Pong with quins, variously named after an American pop singer, a model and the U.S. President. You couldn’t make it up.

No, but you could check your facts. MacGuffin looked up the story and discovered that it is true:

Why didn’t he just enter Kate Pong in Google and find out from the Newport Advertiser that it’s a labrador?

As it says:

Newport mother, Kate Pong, has sensationally given birth to five beautiful babies this week.

That was the news published in Tuesday’s announcements section of the Times paper.

But after a little digging from the Advertiser team we found things were not quite as they seemed.

For the proud quintuplet mother is in fact a dog.

Richard Littlejohn can not be made up – well, why would you want to?

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