Anorak News | Malaysia Spanks Muslim Couple For Trying To Have Sex In A Car

Malaysia Spanks Muslim Couple For Trying To Have Sex In A Car

by | 18th, September 2009

bad_spankingWITH one billion Muslims on the planet, and many more under your beds (Daily Express readers can cut out today’s coupon and send off for TWO Islamicists and a discount to OK!), there is always going to be a tale of brutality and maiming.

And today we get news that an Islamic court has ordered an unmarried couple to be caned for trying to have sex in a car.

This we learn is “the latest of a series of harsh punishments for Muslims in Malaysia.”

The Associated Press has more:

Though Malaysia has long been upheld as an example of a moderate Muslim-majority country, recent verdicts sentencing Muslims to whipping for drinking alcohol have made headlines. Two months ago, an Islamic judge triggered a national debate when he ordered a woman to be caned for drinking beer.

As British please seekers know, you get caned for smoking marijuana. You get lashed from drinking beer. On such cultural nuances is much hatred and news reporting based.

In the latest case, the Shariah High Court in central Selangor state sentenced the couple Wednesday to six strokes of the cane after they pleaded guilty to trying to have sex out of wedlock in their car.

Trying to have sex is what makes the verdict seem harsh. A dash of la vice anglais is no great issue – indeed the man who was trying to have sex may imagine he has fast forwarded his relationship a few kinks on the marital chain. It may be that he was trying to get thrashed about the buttocks by a burley man in uniform and has pulled off a cunning plan.

Their brief says the frotting couple are appealing the caning as they plan to get married soon…

“…though they have paid the court-ordered fine of 5,000 ringgit ($1,400) each. They could have been jailed for up to three years for the offense, the lawyer said.”

Three years for wearing your knickers in a car is harsh. But this is part and parcel of being a Muslim in Indonesia in a car. Non-Muslims — Chinese, Indians and other minorities — are not subject to the laws.

Which suggest that if a Catholic is trying to have sex with a Muslim in a car, the Muslim will be on the receiving end of state-sponsored spanking and the Christian perhaps get to watch and feel a sweet pang of envy.

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