Anorak News | Judge Excuses Paedophiles With Ruling On Oral Sex With Young Cows

Judge Excuses Paedophiles With Ruling On Oral Sex With Young Cows

by | 25th, September 2009

JINDICT03aIN Burlington County, USA, a Superior Court judge has dismissed animal-cruelty charges against Moorestown police officer Robert Melia Jr, accused of sticking his penis into the mouths of five calves.

Judge James J. Morley says a grand jury couldn’t decide whether the cows had been “tormented” or “puzzled“.


If the cow had the cognitive ability to form thought and speak, would it say, ‘Where’s the milk? I’m not getting any milk. They [children] enjoy the act of suckling. Cows may be of a different disposition.”

The judge seems to have walked into paedo-sized elephant trap. But he has point – can a human being think like an animal, in this instance, a calf?
Burlington County Assistant County Prosecutor Kevin Morgan is, however, sure:

“I think any reasonable juror could infer that a man’s penis in the mouth of a calf is torment. It’s a crime against nature.”

He says the owner of the cows is “very upset” over the incident. Judge Morley replies:

“I’m not saying it’s OK. This is a legal question for me. It’s not a question of morals. It’s not a question of hygiene. It’s not a question of how people should conduct themselves.”

And the paedo problem? Well, the accused:

He and former girlfriend, Heather Lewis, of Pemberton Township, are also accused of sexually assaulting three young girls over a five-year period, sometimes in Melia’s Cottage Avenue home in Moorestown, where he was a patrolman, authorities said.

Oh, brave new world…

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