Anorak News | Your PC’s Mechanical Tumour Measures Stress Levels

Your PC’s Mechanical Tumour Measures Stress Levels

by | 28th, September 2009

brain-pcYOUR computer works like a brain – a big clunky, dumb one with a box that sits underneath and possessed on an endless capacity to spout out pictures of naked women and trademarked by American big business.

Japanese artist Mio I-zawa’s understands and has created the “mechanical tumour” – a brain-like thing that fluctuates in tune with your computer’s stress levels.

If you’re running Vista on your PC, you may like to stand well back and have a therapist handy with a tranquiliser gun and a rubber hammer.

If you have an Apple Mac – or anything by Apple – it means you’re a smug sod who sees a computer as an extension of the person you want to be – which is the kind of person who likes things to work, who watches EastEnders because they enjoy it not because they enjoy hating it and who carries a messenger bag and thinks you can plait facial hair…

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