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Alesha Dixon Presents TV Journalism Show

by | 28th, September 2009

aleshaEVERYONE has joined the debate on Strictly Come Dancing judge Alesha Dixon. Inmates in institutions throughout the land, journalists with space to fill and dance enthusiasts are debating whether or not Alesha can be this season’s John Sergeant.

The Mail brings news:

Alesha Dixon ‘happy and relaxed’ as improved performance begins to wins over Strictly fans… Her performance on Friday and Saturday did not attract anywhere near as much vitriol in the BBC chatrooms and there were even some favourable reports.

Just get a load of those Mail comments sheets:

Alesha is convinced that a 3 month crash course in ballroom dancing and a lifetime career as a z-list singer/minor celebrity is sufficient experience to be able to judge strictly come dancing – I don’t think so. She obviously has a bubbly personality but isn’t the brightest card in the pack and I wish she would stop flirting incessantly with Bruno and Len – it’s nauseating – Lucy, Newcastle

at least Arlene was qualified and knew what she was talking abount , unlike judge Alisha who hasn’t a clue. yes many scores especially Zoe Luckers were too high she was not that good. And while were at it can the ladies cover up a bit. It is a family programme not a cheap sex shot – carole_d, uk,

Alesha Dixon is not qualified to judge. A judge has to be a paid-up member of the dance teachers’ association and hold their associated qualification. This makes her critique null and void – R.F., Yorks, UK

Over in the Sun:

Hooray – Alesha has a fan!

A man carrying a camera on a wrist chain and wearing a sensible and rugged anorak (green) is asking Alesha Dixon for her autograph, an act captured on camera.

Over in Now magazine, Alesha want to talk about Cheryl Cole, the X Factor makeweight:

“If I wanted to ring her up tomorrow to see how she was, I could, or if I wanted to send her a message to say that I loved her video, I could.

If you wanted to tell Now magazine that you could phone Cheryl Cole if you wanted to – and that she might well pick up the phone and say, “Hello. Who is it?” – you could.

The last world, however, is with Mail reader, Kate:

If Alesha is unqualified to judge, how is it that viewers are qualified to have an opinion? – Kate, Canterbury, England.

Because, Kate, everyone’s a journalist now. Opinion Masterclass will be hosted on BBC3 by Old Mr Anorak soon…

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