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Pet Cats Give You MRSA

by | 29th, September 2009

daily-wail16211SCARE Stories: Every day the Daily Mail scours scientific research journals, reports from vested-interest groups and the thoughts of NGO’s and publishes the scare stories as facts. Anorak picks the best:

* “Can cuddling you pet give you MRSA?”

* “Why too much Sudoku could ruin your figure”

* “Rogue cervical cancer jab fears after girl, 14, dies”

* “Margarine link to lower IQ”

* “Alert over make-up brands that can’t screen out the sun”

* “Is that fairy or are you having a brain seizure?”

“Could drinking cola cause kidney stones?”

* “If cancer hadn’t nearly killed me, I’d be just another selfish celebrity egomaniac” – says Chris Rea

* “We thought we wer just a family of eccentrics. Now we ak now we’ve ALL got Apserger’s”

And in other cancer news…

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