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Matt LeBlanc Stars In BBC Friends Spin Off

by | 2nd, October 2009

1996858HAVING earlier showcased Move Like Michael Jackson – a BBC3 show in which Jermaine Jackson will find someone who can move like his dead brother – my money’s on Kate Garraway – the BBC is now breathing life into the dead career of the man who will be forever known as “Former Friends star Matt LeBlanc”.

Le Blanc is to appear in a new BBC comedy show which tells the story of a British couple trying to recreate their hit UK show for American TV.  It’s another telly show about the telly.

And this means LeBlanc gets to play himself. Says he:

“I am so glad I got the part, seeing someone else playing Matt LeBlanc would have been devastating.”

The Fonz must be kicking himself.

So here’s the show about a show that’s not funny any more starring an actor who’s not funny any more (was he ever funny?).

Why not feature the show about someone who is funny, like Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld or Jerry Sadowitz?

Or a madcap show in which a former Jackson Five member goes on a remote cable TV station to find someone who can dance like a dead Michael Jackson?

Nah – real cutting-edge comedy needs to look like the real world; it needs to look possible…

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