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Virgin Mary Weeps At Kerrytown Shrine

by | 3rd, October 2009

virgin-mary-crisp“IT was a crazy evening. It was absolutely amazing. I am still on an emotional high,” says James Boyle. “All but one person seemed to see the same thing.”

Boyle, from Ardara, was gazing upon the statue of the Virgin Mary, in a rocky outcrop near the town of Dungloe, Co Donegal, alogn with his wife Margaret and children, Martin and Mary.

Mr Boyle say he and 13 others had journey to the shrine after Ballyfermot-based faith healer Joe Coleman told them that the Virgin Mary had told she would appear at the shrine on September 29 at 8pm.

The Virgin Mary is a punctual sort. No time to lose. And, sadly, no time to grab a camera not even a camera phone to record the miracle. Mr Boyle goes on:

We went into the shelter facing the rock and at a few minutes to eight someone suggested we should start the rosary. We had no sooner started than someone shouted ‘look up’.

“To the left of the cross, another cross appeared in the sky and as soon as it disappeared, another one appeared. It lasted about 10 minutes.”

And then?

Then the white statue with its red heart began changing colour and form.

“She appeared to have a human face and her head turned and she looked at people. She looked down at the children who were at the front.”

Says another witness:

“The tears were running down from her eyes.”

A miracle. A Weeping stone. But – alas and alack – neither pictures nor footage of the happening. Which is a shame because the massed knew when it would happen.

Next time, we urge Mr Coleman to tell the press and the TV crews and then we can all observe the wonderment…

Jesus wept.

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