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Tamara Beckwith’s Language Classes

by | 13th, October 2009

3991925TAMARA Beckwith, the woman who reminds Old Mr Anorak of the Greek Cypriots’ habit of panting boiled eggs, tells Grazia readers: “I LOVE BEING MARRIED TO A CHAUVINIST.”

Tamara’s husband is just one reason why she should be admired. One other is that she has “peachy skin”. Another is that she is the “wild child party girl who got pregnant aged just 16.

And we are minded of Craig Brown, the satirist, now working for the Daily Mail – who delivers his “I is – You Are – He is” look at the world, what we call Preposterous Pronouns.

Tamara is a wild child
You are stroppy
She is a pain in the arse

Tamara has a male chauvinist husband
You are married to a control freak
He is a pig

Tamara is a “buyer for a luxury online shopping service”
You are a shopahoplic
She is spoilt

Tamara wants to share her life with us
Youare self-absorbed
She’s talking to Graham on the Jeremy Kyle show

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