Anorak News | Sinitta Takes Herself Inside Simon Cowell’s 50th Birthday Party

Sinitta Takes Herself Inside Simon Cowell’s 50th Birthday Party

by | 13th, October 2009

6336233Hello! magazine invites us to Simon Cowell’s 50th birthday party, with your host for the night, Sinitta…

HERE come “CHERYL and FRIENDS” to give Simon Cowell “the night of his life”, trills Hello!.

Eamonn Andrews’ big red book has been replaced by Cheryl Cole’s orangey chest as we journey to Simon Cowell’s 50th birthday do in Wrotham Park, Hertfordshire and say “Simon Cowell- This Is Your Ex“.

Our host for the night is not Simon Cowell, rather his occasional X Factor sidekick Sinitta, who once dated the reality TV show supreme magistrate. Says she:

“I can’t believe Simon and I are as old as we are – I’m 40 and he’s 50! Where has all the time gone?”

We’d say it’s gone by in 1:40 second-long snippets of wannabe singers warbling someone else’s song.

But this is not all about Sinitta – did you know she used to date Cowell? – but about Cowell, whose birthday it is. Really. Sinitta. Really:

“For the 26 years I’ve known him… For week’s leading up to the event, I’d had friends from all over the world texting and emailing me about the party… My inboxes were inundated… I made a call to my friends Elizabeth Emanuel to see if the could sort out something amazing for me to wear…”

Simons Cowell is so glad to see you. He’s…

“I decide to switch off my phone… I also had eyelash extensions individually applied… As my present for Simon Dan would be painting a giant piece of art, accompanied by a Rat Pack stage show, in just six minutes…”

While we give it up for the fastest caricaturist in Christendom, Simon Cowell would like you to know that it is with a deep and sincere…

“I was completely blown away – every woman looked absolutely beautiful. Cheryl, Kate, Dannii, Amanda…”

Also there were… “Simon’s ex-girlfriends, Terri Seymour, Jackie St Claire, and myself [yes, Sinitta used to sate Simon!] all hosted our own tables in a row at the very front of the stage, with Simon’s top table immediately behind us…”

Just three of the friends and family who had “walked through fire with him in the past” – although Amanda, Dannii, Cheryl and Randy Jackson are more commonly seen sitting down and sipping drinks rather than walking through actual fire. But the challenge is no less diminished.

And who’s this? Ticket, please, sir. Why, it’s Simon Cowell, to thank one and all…

“Goodnight Sinitta… And I didn’t get to tell you, but you look absolutely gorgeous tonight. I appreciate it, I really mean it.”

Sinitta is 40.

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