Anorak News | Swedish Prisoner Joins Thai Ladies’ Ping-Pong Team

Swedish Prisoner Joins Thai Ladies’ Ping-Pong Team

by | 25th, October 2009

ping-pongSOMETHING to get enraged about now, as news reaches us of a prisoner doing bird in Sweden Gävle jail receiving 18,300 kronor ($2,700) for hurting his little finger in a game of table-tennis, or ping-pong.

We journey back to November 2007, and see the 46-year-old inmate strike the pinkly on his right hand on the edge of the table.

As anyone who has watched Old Mr Anorak taking the Thai Ladies ping-pong team through their paces at his winter training camp knows, that can smart. And for ten weeks out ping-pong enthusiast is forced to sport a plastic splint.

Reports are made, files filed and for pain, injury and scarring, our Papillon-grip gets his cash.

Who still says there’s no money in ping-pong? Not Old Mr Anorak’s Thai Ladies ping-pong team. Play up, play up and play the game!

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