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The X Factor’s Jedward Will Kill Us All Says Climate Change Expert

by | 29th, October 2009

greenshirts2WANT to know how the X Factor could bring about not only war with China but the end of the entire planet? Writing in the Irish Times, John Gibbons tells you:

Time to discard our delusions and get real

Shows like the X Factor fuel the fantasy that anyone could, if they tried hard enough, be the next big thing. Positive thinking sounds innocuous, even benign, but it differs from cheerfulness or normal optimism in that it often extends to believing that the world is shaped by our wants and desires, and that these can be willed, genie-like, into existence.

Stick with it:

In Generation Me, psychologist Jean Twenge points out that “we simply take it for granted that we should all feel good about ourselves, we are all special and we all deserve to follow our dreams”. Over the last 25 years, international studies have tracked a strong rise in narcissistic belief among young people.

And this is bad because…

This is expressed as a growing sense of personal entitlement and a decline in interest in wider society. It’s no coincidence that this me-centred attitude shift occurred during the greatest consumer spree and sharpest ecological decline in history.

Did you see that? He linked the X Factor to people being able to buy things to a supposed ecological decline. The message is: we must put an end to dreams if the planet is to be saved. Climate change is real and the X Factor is not.

Before we go on, enjoy this from TV star and founder of the Al Goreans, Mr Al Gore:


Arctic sea ice is now retreating so quickly that scientists say there is now a 50-50 chance that it will have gone completely by September.

Gibbons is still talking, meanwhile, and the Arctic ice is thicker than Al Gore’s wallet:

The antidote to wishful thinking is positive action, and it has been an unusually good week on this front. This morning sees the formal launch of Ireland’s 10:10 campaign, ( It asks one simple question: what if we each resolved to cut our emissions by 10 per cent in 2010?

Yeah, what if… Facts take up too much energy.

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