Anorak News | Cher’s Daughter Chastity Bono Will Not Shave Behind Chaz’s Ears

Cher’s Daughter Chastity Bono Will Not Shave Behind Chaz’s Ears

by | 30th, October 2009

chaz-bonoCHAZ Bono was once Chastity Bono, daughter to singing hat pin Cher and the late Sonny Bono, of the pendant moustache. Chaz is talking to Entertainment Tonight about her change:

“Most people call it top surgery. The construction of the male chest from a female chest. When I went through puberty and started to grow breasts, it was very uncomfortable and emotional.”

Anorak’s pictures a post-op chest like Peter Andre’s. Entertainment Tonight’s Mary Hart nods along, waiting to pose the big question. Chaz. Chaz… How big is your penis? Of course, the TV show cares too much to ask it, so instead we hear her ask about surgical procedures “elsewhere?”

Chaz puffs out her new chest:

“That’s a personal decision and I don’t really feel comfortable talking about anything below the waist.”

As he later says.

“There wasn’t much feminine about me. I believe that gender is something between your ears, not between your legs.”

But this is a show about a celebrity sex change op. And for most men what’s between their ears it’s what’s between their legs.

Chaz moves on to talk about above the neck stuff:

I shave about once a week now. It kind of started to come in just like peach fuzz. I always wanted to shave. It is a very natural process. For my birthday I got a lot of shaving stuff….Still not anywhere near what I will look like, but really for the first time I am feeling much more comfortable with how I look physically….The most important thing about this for me is that my outsides are finally starting to match my insides…I feel like I’m living in my body for the first time, and it feels really good.”

She’ll know he’s really Cher and Sonny’s son when he starts to trim his moustache behind her ears.

This image is taken from Out magazine’s OUT 100 issue, recognizing the year’s most influential people affecting the LGBT community. Aaron Hicklin, Editor in Chief of Out magazine writes to us:

“He’s the first of 100 people we shot, our annual roll call of honor, which this year was photographed entirely by Jason Bell, and themed around school given that adolescence is the time when most of us start coming to terms with our sexuality and who we are. Given that Chaz is transitioning, we felt shooting him in a boys bathroom was a powerful representation of his real identity, albeit with a touch of humor. Chaz was obviously up for the concept, too.”

How up for it , however, remains his business…

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