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Drugs And A Toddler Implicated In Mafia Murder Caught On Camera

by | 30th, October 2009
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mafia-11PSST! Wanna see a man being murdered in Mafia hit in Naples?

Having already brought you the death of murder of Chongkham Sanjit by Indian police, we now present for your enjoyment the murder of another man in broad daylight.

Murder is not to be confused with the images that “some viewers might find distressing” of peoples screaming in pain on the nightly news as they pick flail in the bloody aftermath of a car bomb. This is murder. This is really gruesome. That is merely war.

So here is “the horrific footage”, of a man being shot three times by an assassin outside a Naples bar.

Says the Telegraph, on whose site this is the most popular story right now:

As the victim slumps to the ground, the hitman then finishes him off with a bullet to the head and calmly walks away. Blood can be seen spreading onto the pavement from the head of the dead man, who is still holding a cigarette in his hand.

Roll credits. It’s not real. It’s the media. It might be a viral video for a new detergent or the new shoot-em-up video game Mafia VI: Fukka Yous-a. You are invited to look. Look. Look.

The man on t he pavement – the one you are gawping at – is called Mariano Bacio Tarracino. And, as reported, he is “believed to have been connected to a mafia clan involved in a drug trafficking turf war with a rival group”.

Yes, believed. Naples. Murder. It’s a decent guess that the mafia were involved, and why not mention drugs? It might be something else that killed Senor Tarracino but the mafia element makes the story fly and more than just a snuff movie.

Anti-mafia investigators said they released the horrific footage of the murder, which happened in May, because they still had not managed to find the killer – despite the fact that the angle of the surveillance cameras means that his face is clearly visible beneath his baseball cap. He even seems to be smirking after carrying out the execution.

Seems to be smirking? Might it be that – get this – the person who just pumped three bullets into a man’s head is a lunatic who enjoys his work? Or maybe the smirk is a grimace?

Say the Naples police:

“We have decided to circulate the video as widely as possible, urging the co-operation of whoever can provide information to identify the killer and his lookout.”

Sop her si is on a UK website. Do you recognise the man? Looks closer. Look. Look. Look.

The Daily Telegraph is here to offer its opinion:

His shooting was met with apparent indifference by bystanders who were caught on film outside the bar, in Naples’s central Sanita district.

Apparent indifference might be a euphemism for “terror”, “ignorance” – did they see the killing? – or cynicism.

A man holding a toddler in his arms looks at the victim and walks away, while a woman is seen rubbing off her scratch-and-win lottery card as the execution takes place.

Those Neopolitan toddlers are hard-hearted little bastards. And in case you still don’t know what to make of a man being murdered – good or bad; vote now – the Telegraph invites another hack to explain:

An investigative journalist who wrote a best-selling expose of the Camorra, Roberto Saviano, said the indifference of bystanders was perhaps the most shocking element of the video.

Perhaps it is. But we’d go with the most shocking element being man being shot in the head. Back to the expert?

“First he walks in the bar, he looks around, and then he comes out and starts shooting.” The mundane surroundings of the assassination and its brutality could help to “dispel Hollywood myths about mafia violence and show what a Camorra execution is really like,” he said.

Or it might just be another bit of entertainment captured through a lens…


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