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Peter Andre’s Unconditonal Perfume Lets You Experience Mr Katie Price In 4D

by | 30th, October 2009
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7979040HAVING watched the battle between sentimental Peter Andre (“I’m just so disappointed in her”) and slapper Katie Price (“Bwuy me book”), we have been waiting for the moment when the nadir was reached.

And today we might have found it as Peter Andre launches not a cologne for men but a perfume for women. It’s called ‘Unconditional‘. It’s a colourless liquid that seems to be lacking in any substance. As such, it is not Peter eponymous scent, which would be orange and marketed as the first perfume you can find in your bag in a pitch black hole or club toilet.

Unconditional is also the name of a Peter Andre song:

I finally understand the meaning of it now
It’s Unconditional
I pray that life will always treat you kind

We await a new range of musical perfumes. Rap artists cold bottle misogyny (base notes of kitchen sink over used underpants), marching bands (brass polish and lemon imbued vinegar) and Simon Cowell’s music factory pumping out the odour of wet tissue sold in a tear-shaped bottle.Unscrew the lid and release the song.

Peter’s scent has top notes of soft apricot, heart notes of rose, evening Jasmine and rich patchouli and base notes of dark amber, vanilla, and skin musk.

Says Pete:

“I am so proud of this fragrance; this is the scent that I know smells good on women. I wanted to do a fragrance that would be distinctive and sophisticated when a woman wears it; it is classical and sexy at the same time”

The idea, perhaps, is that in wearing this you get to feel that you are wearing bits of Peter Andre, who you can hear crooning to you over the radio, telling you about his kids on the telly and staring down from a wall calendar. It’s Peter Andre in 4D. But Pete looks like he smells of foundation, melted candles and syrup.

Which might explain why Peter hadn’t lent his name of a male grooming product. Sympathy, by Peter Andre, a brown liquid sold swimming in a pair of big round eyeglasses is not yet on your shelves, nor anyone’s shelves.

But when he releases the song “Group Hug”, it might be…

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