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Stacey Solomon On Coke With Amy Winehouse

by | 31st, October 2009

stacey-solomon2HAS it escaped the Daily Mail’s notice that X Factor hopeful Stacey Solomon is a single mum? Well, no it hasn’t:

The Dagenham Diva: Single mum Stacey’s wowed the X Factor with her ditzy witterings, but is she the ingénue she seems?

No. Yes. Maybe. Can we vote?

Back home in Dagenham, where Stacey lives with her mum in a street dominated by dreary pebbled-dashed post-war terraces, relieved only by the occasional off-licence or chip shop, net curtains twitched as she arrived home – a welcome flash of glamour…

Net curtains are so retro. It’s all CCTV these days. Go on:

In part, she is representative of what many young single mothers in Britain believe today: that the only way out is if someone waves a magic wand. In Solomon’s case, that someone is millionaire X Factor judge Simon Cowell. In a sense, she is the perfect modern-day Cinderella. From the rag-trade of Whitechapel where her great-grandparents lived at the beginning of the century to the riches of X Factor, she has become the nation’s sweetheart.

But… Where’s the but?

But despite the squeaky-clean image on screen, friends paint a racier picture. There are tales of fancy dress parties where Stacey swept up her naturally dark hair into a beehive to emulate her idol, Amy Winehouse, and evenings in bars where she liked nothing better than to knock back glasses of Malibu and Coke and belt out karaoke hits.

This is too awful. Winehouse and coke. And that port little lamb. Is there more? Can there be more?

Another dent to her image came in the form of a ‘kiss ‘n’ tell’ earlier this month in a Sunday tabloid.

What, someone kissed her?

American fireman Jesse Hoefler told how he shared a Jacuzzi with Stacey on the eve of the X Factor after she took part in a college exchange trip to Cincinnati in Ohio.

‘Behind her shyness, she’s a real party girl,’ he claimed. ‘A couple of the nights, we got drunk and ended up in bed together. It was nothing more than a few kisses, but it was pretty passionate.’

It’s the XXX Factor. And it leads Barbara Davies to conclude:

There is little doubt that the real Stacey Solomon is a more complex character than her screen image might suggest.

Little doubt, indeed… Pass the hatchet.

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