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X Factor: Jedward, Head Lice In The House, Sanjaya Malakar And A Fix

by | 2nd, November 2009

rachel-lloydX FACTOR: John & Edward take it lice and queasy, Rachel sobs, Lloyd Daniels has not time to keep time and it is a fact that when the tabloids run out of puns for John & Edward the act will go the way of Chico Time, Mr Blobby and Little Jimmy Osmond.

And Sanjaya Malakar, the former American Idol contestant whose inability to carry a tune in his seive of a voice  and high hair led to him almost taking the title.

The Sun (front page): “Return of the JEDDIES”

Daily Mail (front page): “X-traordinary – They got through again”

Daily Mirror (front page):”Could they Twin It?”


X Factor’s gruesome twosome John and Edward don’t just murder classic Queen songs – they’d kill for a bowl of cornflakes, too. It turns out that the talentless 18-yearold Grimes boys – who are still in the competition after their worst performance so far – have a habit of knicking the other contestants’ food.

The Sun: “Twins gave us Jed lice”

THE X Factor house is feared to be infested with HEAD LICE – and the towering hairdos of John and Edward Grimes are being blamed.

Daily Star (front page):  “TWINS SECRET PLOT TO WIN”

Has the Daily Star picked up on Anorak’s guide for Jedward success – the ultimate playlist?

X FACTOR twins John and Edward sensationally escaped the axe last night thanks to a secret plot by TV bosses. Producers changed the running order of Saturday’s show in their favour at the 11th hour, it is claimed. And it meant “Jedward” survived for another week.

Go on:

John and Edward were originally due to be first on stage to sing Queen’s We Will Rock You. Traditionally this is the worst slot on the bill as there are still two hours before vote lines open, and fans often forget the opening acts. In recent weeks Kandy Rain and Miss Frank were both booted out after performing early on the show.

The cunning swine. But tradition is what tradition dictates. Says a source:

“It’s true that the running order was changed on Saturday but this has happened before. “Often after a dress rehearsal the producers may decide to alter the running order to change the pace of the show or for technical reasons if an act is doing a big stage number and time is needed to set it up.

“The fact that John and Edward sang towards the end of the show means nothing. Danyl was in a similar position last week and he ended up in the sing-off.”

So no conspiracy, then. Still, it is front-page news. If Jedward want to win, they need to follow out advice.

The tabloids are piling onto the X Factor. And the Mirror hopes some of the magic can rub off on it:

X Factor twerp twins Jedward saved again: Should they be kicked off the show? Vote here, in the Daily Mirror.

Should twins get the boot?

Sue Carroll: No

Call me tragic, but John and Edward have become my guilty secret. They can’t sing and prance around in the manner of demented kids let loose in a sweet factory.

You’re tragic.

Nicole Methven: Yes

Jedward are truly awful. They have not one redeeming feature. They cannot sing. They cannot dance. They cannot look cool.

So should they stay or should they go? The Mirror says:

Now you decide by voting below

Voting will make no difference to the show but will make the Mirror feel important. But it’s not all about Jedward. Really. There is one act worse than them:

StV: “X Factor’s Lloyd Daniels has ‘no time for love’”

X Factor contestant Lloyd Daniels is too busy for love, according to reports. However, he is reportedly smitten with mentor Cheryl Cole and rival Lucie Jones.

Lloyd Daniels has not time for singing , talking nor dancing. He’s an all-rounder.

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