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British Shop Bans Poppies And Poppy Day Over Drugs Fears

by | 4th, November 2009

poppyTO Wigan, where the Bodycare outlet, located in The Galleries has banned the remembrance day poppy.

Wigan Borough Veterans’ Council calls it a “disgrace“. Their spokesman says:

“I was told the pin would damage their uniform. I even offered to send the company poppies with a magnetic clip so as not to damage their tabards. They refused, saying it was their policy not to allow any staff to wear any badge relating to any charity.”

And what are poppies if not a gateway drug? In Afghanistan it will soon be No Poppy Day, when the British forces strip off the petals hand out only the central plastic stems in a bid to wean the locals off cultivating the source of opium and heroin.

Says a spokeswoman for POPP-ER – the anti-poppy charity supported by Her Majesty The Queen:

“Poppies cause irreperabel damage and heartache tio thofhsand sof addicts and their families. We urge a govenemtn rethink.”

When asked what poppies should be replaced by, she suggested a French Tickler, a plate of chicken and chips or a German holding a football.

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