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US Forced Fort Hood Murderer Nidal Hasan To Join The Army

by | 7th, November 2009

nidalA READER writes on Nidal Hasan, who murdered 13 people at the Fort Hood Army base, Texas.

MY brother Joe, out in Oregon, and called me this morning to talk about the shooting. A quick background on Joe, career military officer in the Army, served in Vietnam, and retired after 25 years in.

He said ‘to use your favouite expression this was a royal fuck up by the Military and Military Intelligence!’

1) Hasan joined the military to get his education paid for and thus owed them years of service. He had made it very plain in writing many times to the military he was a conscientious objector and speaking out very much against the war and and had fear of going over. He even offered to pay back the military what his education cost them.

They refused to release him, Paul, even knowing his claim of being a CO and very much against the War.

2) He had several bad reviews – what did they do? Promote him!

3) He was being harrassedby other military personnel re being a Muslim and reported that – they did nothing.

4) They were fully aware of his rantings and beliefs about the War over the years, determination to leave the miltary, and the fact he was of Jordanian descent, a practicing Muslim, and they should have taken heed – what did they do they ignored him.

5) As Joe pointed out to me the moment they found out about that posting he should have been put immediately under Military Intelligence surveillance and closely watched especially with all the background they already on him from him in their files, i.e. vehemently against the war, rantings he had and continued to make to others, etc

6) Joe said there is a possibility he was placed under surveillance and they were checking his emails, checking his background, friends, etc., any ties in Jordan, and possibly did he belong to a terrorist cell here in the US.

7) The very fact, Paul, they went to great lengths to deceive the press and public by making false announcements about his death and supposed other ‘shooters’ and got him out that room w/o anyone realizing who they were taking out alive brings up grave questions. What did they really know about him and realized they royally fucked up letting go around the base freely?

Joe said if they had concerns about him he should not have had free acess to walk around the base at whim and will. What did they want to find out from him the 6 plus hours they kept it a secret he was alive? They knew he belonged to a terrorist cell and were any other attacks planned on other bases?

8) Frankly, I think they needed the time to cover their arses and get their stories straight about what they did or didn’t know about him.

Anyhow,as a former Army officer Joe srongly feels this is one big fuck up by the Military Intelligence!

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