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Detective James Arthur Ray Investigates Sedona

by | 8th, November 2009

jamesraybudlight2-253x400JAMES Arthur Ray: Anorak’s Man by the Sedona sweat lodge sees James Arthur Ray put pen to paper:

NEW Age guru, motivational speaker, and Spiritual Warrior James Arthur Ray isn’t stopping his crusade for the truth.

No indeed.

Not until all the facts are known about that fatal October 8th sweat lodge over which he presided.

You know the which one we’re talking about, right? The one that left three people dead and 18 others in the hospital?

Yeah, that one.

In a Saturday evening statement posted on Ray’s website, he tells us he’s continuing to devote all of his energy “to determine the facts surrounding the tragic accident in Sedona.” ‘Cause there’s no way, as the proprietor of the sweat lodge, he could possibly already know any of the facts surrounding the tragedy, right? It’s not like he was in control of what happened inside that tent?

But we digress.

From now on, as the result of his zeal for finding the truth, The Rat will refer to James Arthur Ray as “Detective Jim.”

Furthermore, we’ll now stop saying that Ray is refusing to cooperate with the authorities.


Because in the statement he posted Saturday night at about 7:00pm PT, Ray states very clearly that he has instructed his representatives “to meet with the authorities in Arizona, and to share with those authorities the fact they learn.


We don’t know about any of you, but The Big Cheese for one is ecstatic that Ray’s “representatives” are going to help authorities fill in the blanks.

There seems to be no doubt that we’re close to getting answers about what really happened.

* There is no allegetion of any wrongdoing and Mr Ray is accused of committing no crime.


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