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Susan Boyle Engaged To Be Married, In Pictures

by | 8th, November 2009

susan-boyle4SUSAN Boyle Watch: Susan’s first true love. Dancing With The Stars and a nervous breakdown.

Daily Mirror: “Britain’s Got Talent winner Susan Boyle on pain of her lost love”


What did he propose?

Never-been-kissed singing sensation Susan Boyle has revealed she DID once have a boyfriend.

He never kissed her, right?

“I had a boyfriend, John. He asked me to marry him after seven weeks.”

What did Pebbles the cat make of it?

“We went to visit his mum and she started telling me what our kitchen was going to be like when we got married! Even what fridge we could have, although we’d only ever had a peck on the cheek!”

First a kiss. Then a toaster. Then a feel in the car. Then a microwave oven. And so on. All the way to a Aga self-cleaning oven, in mauve. Susan is no innocent:

“He got cold feet. It made me sad, in a way. It makes you feel unattractive. You feel that life is passing you by. But I thought, ‘Maybe there’s something for me later’. I was always optimistic.”

You and Simon Cowell both. What else?

Still bemused by her fame, Susan modestly told Weekend magazine: “I suppose it’s a bit of a Cinderella story, isn’t it?”

No. It isn’t. Cinders was all about the hairy feet. Although Amanda Holden would make a terrific ugly Sister.

Unreality TV: “Susan Boyle to perform on Dancing with the Stars”

Susan will sing while celebs dance.

Daily Record: “I suffered breakdown after Britain’s Got Talent, admits Susan Boyle”

Says she:

“Everything had built up and I was exhausted. You have to understand, my life ceased to be normal when Britain’s Got Talent went live. There were a lot of press people outside my door, a lot of television people, a lot of people who wanted a piece of me.”

The eyebrows, right? TV killed the TV star.

“I thought, ‘God, what’s happening here.’ I never expected that. It got to the stage where I couldn’t even go outside. I was quite frightened. I felt very vulnerable, because I was living on my own.”

Not alone. You had Pebbles. How soon they forget the little people.

“There were phone calls 24 hours a day. They kept me awake for three weeks, until I changed my number. It was totally out of control, like a steamroller. It just got bigger and bigger and bigger until, eventually, it can flatten you.”

Well, it can make you look thinner on the telly, it might be all bad:

She said: “I hadn’t eaten properly for about a week, hadn’t slept properly. The feeling was one of extreme exhaustion that manifested itself in firing off at everyone. I don’t remember much else. I just know someone sent for an ambulance and I went to the Priory. I needed to sleep. I was too tired to even think straight.”

No need to think. Simon Cowell will do your thinking for you.


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