Anorak News | Policeman Steals Call of Duty: World At War And Kill Zone 2 To Better Understand The Kids

Policeman Steals Call of Duty: World At War And Kill Zone 2 To Better Understand The Kids

by | 9th, November 2009

playstation-3-thiefSO good are PlayStation 3 games Call of Duty: World at War and Kill Zone 2 that a policeman will ruin his career to get his hands on them.

At Frome Magistrates, PC Peter Cokell expalisn how he came to be possession of the games, as removed from a branch of MHV.

Cokell, whose jobs it was to prowl The Mall, Cribbs Causeway, for six years, is seen on CCTV placing the games in his helmet and then under his Kevlar body armour. He then leaves the store. In court he offers the explanation – breath in and read.


Cokell told the court he was simply browsing as he would often try to keep up-to-date with popular games to help him relate to young people. He said he took them to the back of the store to be more discreet.

He said he put them on the first shelf down and was trying to make his new trousers, which he had been issued that afternoon, more comfortable around his waist.

Trousers can chafe, especially those police issue strides. Studies suggest that 43 % of all wrongful arrests may be attributable to the arresting offer reacting badly to a painful itch. The PC goes on:

“I tried my best to be inconspicuous to the general members of the public so that they would not form the wrong impression of what I may or may not have been trying to do with my trousers. I had no reason to steal and no reason to steal PS3 games, as I don’t have a PS3.”

I did not steal the car, occifer, as I do not have a driving licence.

It is terrific reason. But not one that chimes with District Judge David Parsons, who after a three-day trial finds the coppers guilty of theft.

Mr Cokell will be sentenced on November 27.

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