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Cheryl Cole’s Ring Gives Ashley The X Factor

by | 10th, November 2009

ashley-cheryl-coleCHERYL Cole’s wedding ring is big news. On the last X Factor, Cheryl did not wear her massive rock. Why? Well, before we get to the heated debate, let Cheryl explain, via sources:

The judge, 26, who spent yesterday with the injured Chelsea footballer, 28, said she ditched the £160,000 sparkler as it clashed with her outfits on Saturday and Sunday’s shows.

When your wedding ring clashes with your outfit you know you’re in a secure relationship, or in need of a new ring and a dress hewn from solid rock with two rubies on your nipples and a diamond gusset. Something befitting a WAG.

The thing is, the tabloid press are not big fans of Ashley Cole, Mr Cheryl, and though there is no evidence of a rift at chez Cole we get this in the Daily Express, as opined by Vanessa Feltz: “Band of gold is the last thing to go.”

“Women don’t whip off their wedding rings at the drop of a hat… stylists may tamper with your shoe height or eyebrow thickness, they’d never wrench off your wedding ring.”

Feltz ends her piece by asking what readers “make of it”? Over in the Daily Star, the question forms the headline:


Added by:

“Singer ditches wedding ring after weeks of split rumours.”

Well, no it’s not the end. But it is a talking point that can distract us from the singing. Of course if you want to find Cheryl’s ring, she has previously offered us a clue:

“I was tempted to put it back on – in his head.”

Can you turn a lump of Cole into a diamond? Let’s have a heated debate…

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