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X Factor: Jedward Line Up Hollywood Movie Deal

by | 11th, November 2009

samandaON the betting markets Jedward are fancied only less than amnesiac yodeller Lloyd Daniels. But Hollywood waits.

If Jedward go, what will Closer magazine do for news? This week, readers get a welter of Jedward shockers. There’s TV funnyman Alan Carr saying:

“The way I feel about John and Edward is the way I feel about anthrax. They’re awful.”

On the letter’s pages, a reader cheers Jedward for “giving it a go”.

But the pick of the news is the story featuring Sam and Amanda Marchant – who they? – dressing up as Jedward and saying that they will double-date the twins.

Sam and Amanda were on a Big Brother series. As is the way with twins, they earned a nickname: Samanda. Like Jedward, there are blonde, untalented, eager to be liked and will one day form a tricky question in a pub quiz.

Right now Samanda are using Jedward to remind readers of their own existence.

“We love the twins and would defiantly go on a double date with them. It would be freaky as we look so much like them. Maybe we’re related.”

One day we will all be related to Jedward, who like anthrax spores will multiply at will. As for the double date, it would be freaky and sexless, and, one imagines, widely photographed and earn Samanda the exposure they crave.

And then we hear from John, one half of Jedward, who tells us:

“Right now it’s all about the X Factor, but we want everything to skyrocket afterwards. We’re not ruling out movies.”

Best not to. Pigeon-holing your career as people who can’t dance and can’t sing might stymie your ambitions to be the acting twins who can’t act.

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