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Daily Mail Sticks The Louboutin Into Coleen Rooney

by | 13th, November 2009

coleen-rooneyHANDS up which Daily Mail readers want to know what kept “new mum Coleen Rooney “up till 2am”?

On Page 3, you can find out the answer. But before we go there, the Star also has Coleen on its page 3: “ROON IS NAPPY DODGER.”

“He revealed yesterday that he would love to have a shot at changing two-week-old son Kai.”

Poor Wayne can’t get close enough to Kai to change the little love’s bum because Coleen keeps getting in the way. And after that talks of excreta, we move to the Mail, and learn:

“Portrait of a WAG out on the town (in £500 Louboutin heels) one week after giving birth.”

These heels are “six inches” and qualify as “platforms”. This undercurrent of spite is added to on the Mail’s web version of the story, which clacks its marmalade-coated tongue and asks the question:

So who’s minding the baby, Coleen? Mrs Rooney enjoys first night out after giving birth to Kai

Turns out Coleen’s mum and dad are. So no need to call the social services just yet. Although if shoes shoes get any higher. But if you want real spite, the Mail’s readers are happy to fill in the gaps:

Whether she breast or bottle feeds him is her business. Yet it is hypocritical that she portrays herself as a loving mother and then leaves him at 10 days old to go out. I don’t think many new mothers would have the time, energy or inclination to go on a night out with friends when their baby was a mere 10 days old. She must have someone else who gets up in the night to tend to him.
– Anne, Lancs

i think its disgusting how someone who has giving birth less then 10 days out clubbing and enjoying their own selfish needs.people like her is the reason this country is so disgraceful.and anyone who thinks this behavior is just as disgusting.and im a 20 year old.who has better morals.
– shannon, manchester,

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