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Cheryl Cole’s Secret X Factor Gig: Carole Malone Exposes The Truth

by | 15th, November 2009

5090041CAROLE Malone does the X Factor’s Cheryl Cole and produces a review about a song that has not yet been sung.

Somerset Bob spotted the oddity. And as MacGuffin says:

“In mid-October it was widely trailed that Cheryl Cole was to perform her new single on The X Factor and that she was not going to be singing live (although only some of it appears to have been mimed in the end). Noticing that the show goes out on a Saturday night, Malone fired off her column for the next day’s News of The World. She asked:

‘Why did she mime her new solo single on last night’s X Factor?'”

And then answered:

It suggests she can’t sing. It suggests that she isn’t capable of doing a big number on her own. It also suggests she doesn’t have the guts to perform in front of a live audience — all the things the inexperienced contestants are expected to do without a murmur…last night’s performance showed that, unlike the X Factor finalists, she’s not a real talent at all — just a coiffed, over-promoted, manufactured one.

Malone took it personally:

“And, God only knows why, but that disappoints me.”

As Somerset Bob points out, it was only a year ago that Malone was calling Cole an “incredibly successful singing star”

But the real unfortunate part of the Malone take on the X Factor is that Cole didn’t “perform her single until the Sunday night results show”. MacGuffin sums up thus:

“So as the first editions of the News of the World went to press, it contained Malone’s review of something she not only hadn’t seen, but which hadn’t even happened yet.”

Tony Blackburn spotted it:

In the first edition she reviewd the performance before she’d performed it,amazing.In the later edition the article was amazingly altered. link to tweet

Was I the only person in the country to notice this remarkable bit of journalism.It’s incredible to write a review before it’s happened !! link to tweet

The only explanation is that Cheryl Cole sang twice on the X Factor, once on Saturday and once again on the Sunday. And that Carole Malone was there to see the secret gig, what with her being an expert…

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