Anorak News | X Factor: Simon Cowell Kills Democracy With His X-Is Of Evil

X Factor: Simon Cowell Kills Democracy With His X-Is Of Evil

by | 17th, November 2009

simon-cowell-pantsIN Anorak’s X Factor book – The Audacity of Mediocrity – you will read chapter on how Simon Cowell championed democracy only to crash it beneath his shiny shoes when the public clamoured for change.

First Lucie Jones was dismissed form Cowell’s pop class in favour of Duracell Gonks Jedward, we wailed. When Jamie Archer was dismissed and non-singing Lloyd Daniels allowed to walks the stage like a man trying on a news pair of flippers once more, we raised our fists.

The Star says that Louis Walsh “sneaked John and Edward Grimes out of the studios at the 11th hour so thy could appear live on Sky News…and speak to the nation”. No other act was offered this broadcast!

The Mirror says that one sound engineer working on the X Factor was “threatened with the sack after he challenge an order to lower the twins’ microphone during their live performance…and mask their voices with a pre-recorded backing track.

Kim Jong-il might well approve. Any more of this his North Korea will be our ally in a new X-is of Evil. But democracy demands Change. Without it the people will rise up. The Far Right will gain power. A rule of martial law will be enforced.

Cowell bestrides our ancient electoral system like a Colossus in a pair of Comfi-Slax.

He must be stopped!

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