Anorak News | Fat Kate Moss Is New Face Of Starbucks, With Added Cellulite

Fat Kate Moss Is New Face Of Starbucks, With Added Cellulite

by | 19th, November 2009

4779250KATE Moss says “nothing tastes as good as skinny” and the Sun screams from its front page:

“Kate Moss brain is size zero”


The model might have sparked a new slogan for Starbucks lo-cal coffees and shakes. But the outrage is about the thinness. And the people outraged most are those who represent vested interest groups, like Katie Green, face and chest of Say No To Size Zero, a former anorexic and the founder of the National Centre for Eating Disorders.

The allegation is that Kate Moss encourages anorexia. In other Sun news:

HERE is KATE MOSS slumming it with mere mortals at McDonald’s. The supermodel popped in to the fast-food chain in Central London to pick up a spot of lunch to go.


KATE Moss is pencil thin – but her clothing collection appeals to Brittons of every shape and size.

But it’s the Mail that really takes the hypo-critic oath, telling its readers:

The saying is a watchword for millions of anorexics and bulimia sufferers.

The Mail quotes a study:

The study by the Exeter-based Schools Health Education Unit found that a majority of teenage girls – and 40 per cent of ten and 11-year-olds – believed they needed to slim but few were actually overweight.

It’s just so wrong that young girls are so worried about their looks and fat. In previous Daily Mail fat and ugly Kate Moss news:

TUMMY – ‘Like most women who have had a baby, Kate has a bit of loose skin in the lower tummy area,’ says diet and fitness specialist Joanna Hall.

‘There is very little fat beneath it, but also not much muscle definition. Some exercise would help…

And that rounded tum-tum?

She insists she isn’t pregnant, and the cigarette in her right hand would appear to confirm that fact. But the way she was rubbing what appeared to be a bump beneath her baggy top did nothing to dispel rumours that Kate Moss is, indeed, expecting her second child.

No, not pregnant. Just a bit of fat or gas. The last word can be with stick thin former anorexic Liz Jones, in the Mail:

We fashion editors loved her in her 20s for the fact she would brazenly model a bikini on the catwalk or in bright sunshine, despite the fact she was no longer 16, had never been six foot, had a long trunk and short legs and the dimplings of cellulite.

Sticks and stones will break her bones  – unless Kate Moss is fate enough to absorb them…

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