Anorak News | X Factor: Jedward Are Autistic, Says Louis Walsh

X Factor: Jedward Are Autistic, Says Louis Walsh

by | 19th, November 2009

bfjlhwbwkkgrhqeh-csereiw6p9eblgmmufyq_12X FACTOR: Louis Walsh says Jedward are special needs – they have autism:

In the Daily Mail, hard-to-like pap pop impresario Louis Walsh is heard to say:

John and Edward are very well brought up, went to excellent schools and are probably upper middle class. Also they are mildly autistic. They have an uncanny gift for remembering numbers.

The Mail tells of statistics. But aren’t numbers a slang for songs?

Which is off because the Duracell Gonks often looks as if the words are passing them by in a blur and they are just waiting for the chorus and the next chance to slide on their knees.

Thick chips all round!

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