Anorak News | JLS Spark Football Tragedy And Swindon Dies In This Week’s Scare Stories

JLS Spark Football Tragedy And Swindon Dies In This Week’s Scare Stories

by | 21st, November 2009

daily-wail1621111SCARE Stories: Every day the Daily Mail scours scientific research journals, reports from vested-interest groups and the thoughts of NGO’s and publishes the scare stories as facts. Anorak picks the best of the week:


* “Lunchboxes with as much sugar as TEN doughnuts”

* “Concert stampede could have been a new Hillsborough” – fans surge in Birmingham’s Millennium Square to see JLS. The even is in the open air. No fences. Side streets re not closed. Sixty people are hurt, none seriously. At Hillsborough 96 football fans were killed.

* “’Cosmetic surgery is now more risky’”

* “Slaughter of the horses – more animals will be shot as recession bites”


* “Hospital ‘makes dementia worse’”

* “When the kiss of life can be dangerous – Giving the kiss of life to a heart attack victim could be a waste of time and might actually hinder their chance of survival”

* “Eating fibre may not be so good for your tummy”


* “Should you trust a stand-in surgeon? When things go wrong, your life’s in their hands. But as this shocking story reveals, hospitals often fails to check that temporary doctors are up to the job”


* “Salt health timebomb of the takeaway a day teens”

* “Harman’s law will destroy Christmas’”


* “Females, fickle by nature”

* “Is electro smog causing your headache. Swindon is to become Britain’s first Wi-Fi town, but at what cost to its inhabitants’ health?”


* Britain PLC: Just one big black hole

* “BLEEP! The incessant, infernal electronic noises that are driving us all bleeping mad”

More stories to die by every week…

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