Anorak News | Oxford Man Parks By Downing Street And Has Car Blown Up

Oxford Man Parks By Downing Street And Has Car Blown Up

by | 21st, November 2009

oxford-carMEET Oxford shop owner Michael Raphel, who parked his car in a London street and returned to find it had been blown up by the police.

Mr Raphel parked his red Honda Civic Type R on Horse Guard Avenue – close to Downing Street having dropping two passengers at Embankment, by the River Thames. A Remembrance Sunday Parade was due to start.

He had parked on double yellow lines.

(Any Londoner already wincing can leave now. It gets worse.)

When Mr Raphel returned to his car, he found police by his vehicle. They told him they had seen him on CCTV running from the car. (He was heading to a party and did not want to be late.)

They had carried out two controlled explosions in his vehicle. Says Mr Raphel:

They said I had parked in a sensitive area, just around the corner from Number 10 Downing Street, and close to the Ministry of Defence.

“They explained that because I was seen running from the car, and because of the parades the next day, it had heightened their suspicions. When I got back to the car, the driver and passenger windows had been blown out and the bonnet and boot had come open with the force.”

Altogether, it was a memorable night out. Says Mr Raphel:

“We have laughed about it a bit now but I’m bit gutted to be honest.

“I know in this day and age they have to be suspicious but I didn’t feel this was warranted. I wasn’t treated badly, but they could’ve been a bit more tactful. The car was registered to me, I’m sure there are ways they could have contacted me if they had really tried to.”

Mr Raphel is considering an insurance claim for his car, which was worth £18,000. Any insurance expert want to rate his chances of a pay out. And given the cost of a ticket and tow, might he have gotten off lightly..?

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